Early Childhood Intervention


Lolalee has extensive experience with early childhood intervention. By identifying children with developmental delays and/or behavioral concerns through interviews and observations, she obtains the necessary information to develop programs (IAP’s, or Individual Adaptation Plans) that combined with appropriate tracking reports manages to ensure behavioral improvement and encourage scholastic success. ┬áIn this process, Lolalee:

  • Observes the student/child as needed
  • Designs intervention strategies to be implemented by the caregiver
  • Provides continuous educational support for the students parent/guardian in the use of intervention strategies
  • Works with intermediaries (childcare, schools, etc.) to implement treatment plans
  • Analysis of problem behavior to determine why the problem occurs
  • Develops an intervention plan, based on the functional assessment/analysis results, addressing the factors in the persons physical and social environments to assess what may contribute to, and assist in the resolution, of those factors

Lolalee Livingston